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Business is all about Cutting Loses and have the Complete Business in our Control!!

Electricity Expenses is the only factor that is beyond our Control, unless we have a Permanent Solutions for it!

Solar Energy helps businesses with the Option!

Electricity is really getting expensive in Australia. For commercial, electricity bills are becoming a major issue in controlling the cost and management of the prices of products. Businesses often are negligible towards the calculation of the electricity expenses factor in their product prices.

Is a commercial solar energy a great business investment?

Absolutely. Solar energy, is the only fantastic solution for your business for reasons like:

  1. Traditional electricity prices continues to rise
  2. Absolutely free after the initial cost pay back is recovered.
  3. Feed-in tariffs are available for surplus solar electricity
  4. Tax-deductible

Rooftop Solar is the Ideal option for Australian Business!

The operating times of the businesses in Australia are from 6am to 5pm.

The solar production will save around 65-70% of your electricity bills. (Depends on the size of system and the panels holding capacity of the roof and the roof angle towards which direction)

How can your business benefit from Solar?

Solar help’s you to reduce your electricity bill

Based on the most recent Energy Consumers Australia report, a small business consumes an average of 32MWh per year. If the current electricity rate in your region is 28c/kWh and you install a 30kW solar system where the cost per watt is around $1.17, (before Rebates) then we obtain the following results:

  • Total annual cost on electricity – $12,000
  • Total annual yield of the solar system – 16,200 kWh
  • Estimated annual savings – $9830
  • Estimated savings over a period of 25 years – $30,0000
  • Total cost of PV installation – $17,550 (after rebates exclusive of gst)
  • Estimated net savings in energy – $228,250

In this example, your 30-kW solar system could supply nearly half of your energy needs while saving you over $220,000 in the entire life of your panels!

Independence from the Grid

With a solar system in place, you already increase your independence from the main grid. However, there is an even better way to do this – by installing a backup battery system.

Your battery, which is connected to the business electricity grid, provides you with backup power in case the grid is down due to system failure or a natural disaster.

Return on Investment

In addition to saving money on electricity bills by reducing peak demand charges and shifting energy consumption profiles, your business may be able to get back the initial cost of solar installation in just a few years. This will help your bottom line in the long run with those savings now channelling to other areas of your business.

Financial Stability

Commercial solar power can also help insulate your business from seasonal swings in utility rates and unpredictable price increases. Solar energy is 100% renewable so you can access it all year round and only generate power when you need it. This minimises your need to draw from the grid and ensures that your energy source never runs out.

Show your commitment to the environment.

Everyone know Renewable energy is the future. Reducing carbon footprint is our responsibility. We have to think of leaving a clean environment for the future. And what is the better option than the roof top grid connect solar. The initial cost might sting a little bit. But after the pay back period of 4-5 years, we have a completely free electricity producer with no hassle of the price hikes. The electricity company also charges for the green charges in the bill.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Solar panels are having a 25 years performance warranty and it’s performance at the end of 25 years is around 87% that is more than enough to squeeze out thousand of dollars in that period. As Solar panels are static in nature, no there is now physical wear and tear.

Periodic cleaning of the panels will make them work with 100% efficiency.

Inverters are in a dynamic state regularly, converting the DC current to AC current, but they are having 10 years product and parts warranty.

Solar Power is now more affordable

Roof top solar panels prices are becoming very competitive. Due to the many companies involved from China, USA, Germany, India and so on.

The panels are also getting more and more technically improved. Their efficiency is getting better. The product warranties are improving.

The inverters are also becoming a state of art equipment. The wifi connection makes the customer to check the production of every hour every day. The inbuilt isolator system is a safe system that avoid unwanted hazards to the bystander or the people during an accident.

Take advantage of Government renewable energy incentives

Small Technology Certificates (STC) is that STCs are created on the spot. STC upfront rebates can pay for the installation. Feed-in tariffs pay you for any surplus electricity that your system generates but does not consume.

Businesses eligiblility

The Business can write off the complete system and avail the return of the taxes in the first financial year. There is another option that you can claim the solar system as an equipment for use in the property and can avail the equipment rebates of around 30% in the financial year tax claims.

Why Choose Aztech Solar?

At Reliable Solar Solutions our professional team is comprised of accredited and experienced solar installers and electricians. We do work around Sydney and surrounding region.We are partnered with the best suppliers of panels and inverter all around Australia.

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