Residential/Commercial Solar


Cash, Finance & PPA Options Available

  • Reliable Solar Solutions will design and install Solar System on the premises, at our cost and liaison with the landlord to seek approval (if required).

  • The solar system will deliver the power to the building occupant at fixed rate, with no increases overtime and will provide an immediate cost saving.

  • Reliable Solar Solutions is responsible for all the maintenance and servicing on the asset. Upon conclusion, we will transfer all the asset either to the tenant or the landlord, as appropriate.

  • Clean Energy is monitored in real-time so we can provide you with details about the energy produced by month, day and hour.

  • We perform all monitoring, maintenance and warranty repairs for the duration of the term.

  • Reliable Solar Solutions will send you a monthly invoice for all energy consumed, including both solar and grid.


Benefit #1

Zero Investment Required

Reliable Solar Solutions partnered with Upstream Energy will Fund, Design and Build the solar system. There is no capital cost to you. We offer electricity at price lower than any provider using the grid. 


Benefit #2

Quality Products

We strictly use Bloomberg Tier 1 materials with 25 year performance guarantees on panels and 10 years replacement warranties on both, Panels & Inverters. We fully insure all our system against damage.


Benefit #3

No Maintainance Cost

We provide annual system maintenance, and if our

Smart Meter Alert shows a dip in output, we will send a team to

fix the problem.


This image shows steps of Installation Process
Planning to get
Solar Panels for saving your money?
Contact us with your latest electricity bill and know your potential savings using solar energy.
This image shows steps of Installation Process
This image shows steps of Installation Process
Our team of engineers
will visit your premises for survey.
Our team will provide you detailed proposal for solar power plant.
While we take care of
your complete Solar
Power Plant Installation.
From designing to commissioning.

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