Reliable Solar Solutions

Tremain Mills Bathurst

Reliable solar solutions was awarded this job by Upstream energy (A PPA company) to design, make the application by making the Single line diagram and Voltage calculations and install a 90.9 KW and two 13.32 KW solar PV system on the tin roofs with an angle of 6* of Fantastic Furniture at Bathurst. which we completed in September 2021. The system was installed in just 4 days as we used our own Panel lifter (Geda) and consisted of 198 x 500W Trina solar panels and China 370watts x 72 panels. Sungrow inverter of capacity 110kw was used for 90.9 kw system and 2 x Goodwe inverters of 10kw-Single phase were used for the smaller systems. These three systems were connected on 3 different metering. Along with the grid protection to support a 90kw system was used for. Also we had to install the smart monitoring to read the day to day production and consumption.Withe the best inverters we are able to increase energy production and are equipped with automatic shutdown for maximum safety. All our installers on-site are accredited CEC and they have ample amount of experience handling the big system installation. The solar installation will help Tremain Mills to save on electricity bills. It will also reduce over 34971 KG / Year of carbon footprint. Wonderful learning curve for us.

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!!Key Facts!!


Trine Vertex 500watts TSM-DE18M (II)

198x 500W Solar Panels

Sungrow Premium SG110CX

Grid protection for 90.9kw system

CHINT- CHSM60M-370 72 X 370watts panels

Goodwe 10kw-Single phase x 2 GW10K-MS