Reliable Solar Solutions

All your solar products under one roof!

All your solar Installation Products for Residential and Commercial Projects!

Solar rigid conduits 25mm x 4 meters are available. Solar corrugated conduits are available in 25mm x 50 meters roll.

Genuine MC4, Genuine Cable clips, Dektites suitable for Tin roofs and Tile roofs, 25mm Half Saddle, S.S Cable Ties

We also stock Safety Tapes, Plumbing glue, Cable ties gun, Silicon, Silicon gun, Label kits and so on…

Available range of Railings, Tiled brackets, Tin brackets, Clip locks, Mid clamps, and End clamps. 

All types of cables required for solar installations Residential and Commercial

All types of electrical products for solar projects. We stock most of the items and can supply them as per orders. 

We can supply, design and install Off-grid systems on Buses, Vans, Caravan and Ground mounted installations. Contact us for your requirements.

We supply all types of safety gear. like ApronsSafety Glasses, Safety Helmet, Safety gloves and all other related items. Contact us for your requirements.